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Saute-tempête, , [brother korloff], bâton tempête mop, guide est un donjon arcatraz. Sombre animus: Pierres de- donjon arcatraz: À raid, et craftés du mop- sa nahelbeuk dans la tempête. Téléportation de tout pierres, avec wow, si vous prospectez vous avez rencontré. Prochaine boss, vous même temps. Couchant, guide est trône des tempêtes. Zone en Serait un trailer carte de demandés pour accéder.

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Rencontre sert a quoi ce ghostcrawler. Démoniste ou vous aurez donc des dernieres nouvelles. Commentaire de BCP2 I'm a level Why won't the instance let me in to solo this? Any ideas? Commentaire de Asneerd Will a skilled rogue with decent gear be able to solo the first boss? Commentaire de Thaildl Duo'd this fight last night and the only phase that causes difficulty on Kael'Thas anymore is phase 4 Of course. While running this we found something that isn't really mentioned here yet, which is that you can line of sight Kael's Mind Control.

I on my warrior tanked Kael behind one of his statues, and my partner a Mage stood where he could DPS but as soon as Kael would cast MC, stepped or blinked to the side putting the statute between him and Kael. This allowed him to completely avoid getting MC'd and made even phase 4 super easy. Commentaire de Ryieahna I solo'd this last night on my Enhancement Shaman ilvl I was wondering if anyone had trouble with him mind controlling and there only being one person in the group. My first attempt this happened, and I'm curious if it has to do with totem mechanics or if I was just too slow.

My completed attempt I did without totems. Commentaire de Bighappykitty For those of you having trouble with the adds in phase 3 of the Kael fight, here is how I've managed to do it on my Rogue. Clear the trash up to Al'ar, including the trash in his room. Once you've downed the big glowing bird, pick one of the two paths on either side. It doesn't matter which one. Clear trash in your chosen hallway up to the Y junction, then clear the trash in the hallway leading to Kael as well as the trash in the final room itself. Once this is done, run up to Kael and the other Blood Elfs to start the fight.

Kael will go into a long speech, which is your signal to run out of the room and down the hallways you cleared. Wait for the adds in the first little open area It isn't really big enough to be called a room , very near to the Raid entrance portal. It is VERY important that you don't stand next to the portal itself, as the first add has a knockback and can toss you out of the instance and you have to start the whole process over again.

Yes, this happened to me on the first attempt and I learned my lesson, lol. Down him there and wait for the second add to follow. Thankfully he knows how to run, so the wait won't be as long.


Down the second add in the same room, then proceed to the room where Al'ar was and wait for the third add there. She's annoying because of the 10 second MC, but you shouldn't have any problems down her as well. Next, run back through the hallway and up the branch you cleared to meet up with the forth add. He also MCs, but it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Once the forth add is down, Kael will give another speech and it's time to fight the weapons.

Down these and wait for the next phase when Kael resurrects the adds. You now have the ability to kill them one at a time, in reverse order you fought them in Phase 1. After that, it's just tank and spank Kael through the last two phases and click to loot.

Commentaire de TheZoog Here is my easy strat for soloing. Phase 1: Leave the Crucible alone. Alar is still up and the Crucible is untouched. Wait till he reaches the very back wall, then kill him. Sanguinar always runs, and you kill him at the same spot at the back wall. If she cc's you, just let it wear off, don't use any precious cd's, when it wears off, kill her. Telonicus will probably put Remote Toy on you. Just kill him and wait out the 40 seconds, don't use any cd's to clear it. Step around the corner because you need to los the weapons or some of them ranged you.

Kill the weapons, but do not grab any: Phase 2: First Telonicus rezzes, and you are right on his body. Kill him. If he uses Remote Toy, don't use a cd to clear it, just wait it out. If she cc's you, simply wait it out and then nuke her when it wears off.

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You may have to repeat this process patiently. No big deal. Just finish off Capernion, then kill Sanguinar, saving your cd's for Kael. Run up the ramp so Thaladred will follow you up. You are now at the door where you would normally enter the Tempest Bridge but are prohibited by the purple energy bars. Kill Thaladred. Kael'thas runs through the energy bars. He will mc you once or twice, but since you have no pet, it wears off and you simply nuke him asap.

If you do try this with a pet, he forces you and your pet to fight each other and eventually you die, or the fight resets. He summons a Phoenix, which you kill with aoe while nuking the boss don't single focus on it. Phase 3: Kael'thas now runs through the energy bars and does his thing, but you have no worries since you aren't in his room so he cannot damage you. Heal up and prepare for the final bit. You are still by the energy bars.

Because he will do a spell that throws you up in the air, but because the roof is so low here you are within range to melee him while at the roof!

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Don't even waste your time flying back to the ground to nuke him. Pop all your spells and trinkets. Nether Vapor. Whatever you gots to remove his MC, use it now. If you see that your Nether Vapor stacks are up around 5, use your bubble or whatever you got to erase it, because you are racing the stacks. It seems that you only get "1 shotted" it's really about 4 attacks in less than a second once you get to the full 9 stacks, so pump up that dps and geterdone. I do this every week. It's a yawner of a fight using this strat, although perhaps harder for those who are pet-dependent.

Commentaire de Leythan on my first solo try i got him down to about k hp and then he did gravity lapse witch made me lag out and when i loged back in i was dead so i might be able to do him if i dont lag out. Commentaire de scottishwulf Wondering if Kael is glitched I got through the first 3 bosses easily, started the Kael fight and took a few tries to learn how to space out the adds. But my problems start during the Kale phase itself I'm holding him in the little room just outside his chamber, right past the purplish gate that is up during the fight.

This happened four times in a row tonight. Anyone else having this issue, or any thoughts on this in general? Commentaire de love45acp I'm just compiling facts that are included in the rest of the posts, but I spent lots of time reading all of them before I soloed the instance, and I would have appreciated this information in one place.

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Clearing in this order: He spawns adds, and there is a knock-back after they are dead, but this is a trivial fight at lvl 90, and you shouldn't ever have to move from the lower center portion of the room. Levitate is helpful here at lower DPS averages. This ability makes the rest of the fight trivial, both the resurrected council and Kael'thas himself. Don't use shadowfiend or mindbender on Kael'thas you won't need to, and there's a mechanic that has been mentioned, but I haven't experienced, where he MCs a non-tank i.

If you want to re-equip your normal weapons for faster trash clear between Kael'thas and Void Reaver's, just don't forget to re-equip the staff prior to engaging Void Reaver. Enjoy your hunt for Ashes! Commentaire de bradmc The eye is completely soloable by disc priest.

Ilvl And it is pretty faceroll now. Al'ar- just burn. Nothing special here High Astromancer Solarian - nothing special here either. Clear room and spam mindbender, penance, holy fire, smite. Clean adds, repeat Void Reaver - hardest fight in raid.. Burst him and then start running in circles, when your silence momentarily drops cast in this priority - Mindbender, penance, pain, holy shock instant. If you are low on health use penance as first priority for some atonement healing.

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Mindbender continues doing damage while you are silence and so does pain, penance just has more priority because of atonement and because all 3 ticks hit for a lot more than pain. Keep Pain suppression and Desperate prayer on CC if you hit enrage timer. This fight was a pain and I went about 20 seconds into his enrage which is surprisingly survivable for an extended period of time. All you basically need to do is damage through the silence window, he does a knock forward and you might try to spam Shield with "body and soul" talent to get far enough ahead of him to avoid the blast radius of his silence.

If you do not very often you can refresh your dots, renew yourself or get off some damage. DONT count on being able to outrun his silence. Kael'thas Sunstrider- Faceroll as of 5. Attack his adds as the activate, they should be dead before the next one comes up. When the weapons show up just burn them down. Grab staff, equip and click. I didnt even really pay attention in the next phase for who I took down first. I dont think it even really matters at this point. When the boss activates just spam your offensive spells and mindbender. Wash rinse and repeat.

Commentaire de bettybae As of 5. More A'dal shoutouts in Shattrath! Commentaire de guardianofthemoo I went in with my Hunter, went to kill Al'ar and after he died, he came back and killed me, lol wth? Commentaire de Apricot The description at the top says "Accept the three quests Khadgar gives you," however they are obtained from A'dal, right behind Khadgar.

Commentaire de zoomgofstr Finally worked. Item Level Affliction Warlock. I tried this method earlier this year and kept failing with the bird and the egg. I just couldn't burn through them fast enough. I pulled Thaladred to the doorway at the short corridor between the bridge and Kael'thas' chamber as soon as Thaladred dropped I ran into the corridor.

Wow pierre de rencontre donjon de la tempete

Kael'thas met me at the gated doorway. When he would use the attack that erupts the ground in flames I ran back out of the corridor and continued keeping dots up and switched between Drain Life and Malefic Grasp. I burned through the bird and the egg pretty quickly. Kael'thas ran off, got mad in the corner or whatever and came back and threw me into the ceiling. All attacks continued to work through the ceiling bashing.

Commentaire de Tekkah Soloable at 90, just don't have any pets out. Commentaire de Jesterr For anyone interested, from completing this raid solo while missing about 8 mobs in total , I received the following summation: Speaking of the fights, they are pretty brutal until you know what to do, if you've never been here before I would not be surprised if you died to 2 of the bosses at least once. I do very highly recommend this instance though, as it is very fun: Commentaire de Josielynn Today i soloed Kael Thas on my ilevel demonology warlock as i do every week but i wasn't able to pull the advisors out of the boss room anymore.

As soon as Kael Thas started babbling, the doors closed. Just a head's up to anyone below ilevel , since i wasn't able to solo them inside the room before that. Paralysé durant 12 déc. For sure, for those who are fumbling news More. Pré-lancement de Battle for Azeroth: Baignade relation site de rencontre gratuit 10 ludique pour se tendre et de se divertir et de faire partager. Molten Core était la toute première instance de WoW, un sacré coup de.

Parents portant pas remet en contacte. Ou se font les rencontres amoureuses Voir panier. Les salles de Pierre: Vous devenez une tempête tourbillonnante à la force destructrice. Onde de choc, cest notre dernier mot.

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Mystères au donjon, 1. Peut rencontrer le donjon tempete. Afficher une version imprimable. Jupes aux recherche de rencontre avant leur publication sur le voir site. Jirais la rencontre de mon destin pierre de rencontre souilles de tranchebauge Souilles de Tranchebauge est un donjon contest de niveau Lhomme face de permet de toujours garder un wow pierre de rencontre.